Abandoned Cart Reminder

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Many customers adds products to cart, but for some reason they are not finishing an order. The Abandoned Cart Reminder nodule allows to send an e-mail notice about abandoned carts.


  • Set the minimum days of abandoned cart for the notice
  • Set the maximum days of abandoned cart for the notice
  • Set the password for the notice script to use in cron.

Documentation https://docs.google.com/docume...




To test it you shoul register new customer. It is important to use active email address.

Next - add some product to cart and run in browser address string the following script http://demo.cs-coding.com/admin.php?dispatch=cart_... (this script should be used in cron).

To get notice instantly, you should set the minimum days in settings = 0.

You will get a notice in a few mins after running a script.

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