Add-on - Multiple descriptions + FAQ (with JSON-LD rich snippets)

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  • Create good structured, unlimited by volume text content with separated headings, the text content in button box;
  • Control the position of every element in the list;
  • Control the statuses of view (Active and Disabled);
  • Control the state of view for every multi-description element (Open and Closed);
  • Control the height size of every block text using the basic add-on settings (when the text size is more than the height setting then scrolling will appear);
  • Control the heading format for every multi-description (H2, H3, H4, H5, div);
  • Allows to create separated multi-description elements and, if necessary, add the general header for questions individually for every page (questions-answers list);
  • Create microdata for multi-descriptions using FAQPage in JSON-LD format.

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