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This document gives a high-level technical overview of how Heroku operates. It connects many ideas you'll come across while developing, setting, deploying, and operating apps on the Heroku platform. An application is a collection of source code written in one of these languages, together with a dependency description that tells a build system what further dependencies are required to create and operate the application. Many developers use Git, a strong distributed version control system, to manage and version source code. Establishing an application on Heroku associates a new Git remote, commonly named Heroku, with your application's local Git repository.

The Procfile reveals an architectural feature of your program (in the above example, there are two entry points to the application). A running dyno is a lightweight, safe, virtualized Unix container with your application slug stored in its file system. The dyno formation of your application is the total number of currently-executing dynos split by the process types you have scaled.

The Heroku command-line interface (CLI) is an integral component of Heroku use. It allows you to execute almost any Heroku-related task directly from your terminal. Most Heroku deployments are done via Git. However, Docker-based deployments are also supported. See the Six Strategies for Deploying to Heroku blog post for an overview of each option.

Heroku Enterprise clients should contact the Customer Solutions Architecture team for further information on these issues. Heroku Enterprise includes additional security capabilities like network isolation with Private Spaces. There are various approaches to linking Heroku with the Salesforce Platform. Choosing between them boils down to knowing your needs. Heroku is completely free to use.

Sign up for a free Heroku account, add a credit card, and supply the required resources. Students that meet the requirements can apply for platform credits through our new Heroku for GitHub Students program. Contact sales for bespoke Heroku Enterprise pricing for enterprise governance and management tools.


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