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How does this add-on help to increase sales?

Sometimes it happens that the desired product is not available in the store, and the Customer leaves to continue searching for it elsewhere. The add-on Accessories and Similar products will allow offering the Customer an alternative version of the product, taking into account its cost and features.

The accessories selected by the add-on will help to increase the average check of the store - often the Customer does not think about additional accessories or is not sure of their compatibility, in this case the offered information will be very helpful.

Accessories and similar products can be selected both for the whole category and for separate products. For them, the add-on contains a special block with customizable settings and appearance.

All data about the selected products is stored in the cache - this can significantly save time on page loading. Cache generation is possible both by CRON command and in manual mode.

Add-on features:

  • Ability to hide out-of-stock products;
  • Ability to change the general add-on settings for certain categories or products;
  • Ability to configure both a separate category and a category together with its subcategories;
  • Ability to rewrite selected for product accessories and similars, replacing them with ones of the category;
  • Ability to take into account the price of accessories or  similars for selection;
  • Ability to choose categories for selection of accessories and similar products;
  • Ability to compare the products features when selecting accessories and similars;
  • Two modes for comparing product features: All or One;
  • Ability to select similars depending on the cost of the product itself within the set price range;
  •  Selected accessories and similar products data caching;
  • 2 variants for starting cache generation: automated (using CRON) and manual;
  • A separate menu section with cache generation logs;
  • New block Accessories & Similar products (universal block with two types of filling to choose from);
  • Configurable block template;
  • Ability to set the maximum number of tabs in the block;
  • Ability to set the maximum number of products in the tab;
  • 5 types of products sorting inside the tab;
  • Ability to add a tab with Favorite accessories or Favorite similars to the block.


Learn more in add-on documentation.

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6 months of the free upgrade period included.

Works correctly with the popular themes YOUPI and UniTheme.

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