Why us

INFORMATICS SYSTEMS is a recognized leader in the field of software development, cloud infrastructure, e-commerce, hosting, and beyond. As a technology-driven entity with an unrivaled presence in Bangladesh and globally, our primary mission is to provide holistic and tailor-made solutions that streamline operations and catalyze business growth.

Custom Software Development & Solutions:
At INFORMATICS SYSTEMS, we specialize in the bespoke creation of software solutions, expressly designed to address our clients' unique requirements. Our expertise spans various services, from enterprise software development to SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions. Our services are hallmarked by exceptional quality, cutting-edge technology, and innovative design, including the creation of compelling iOS and Android apps. Our mission is to provide versatile mobile experiences that captivate and engage a diverse user base.

Next-Level Cloud Computing & Infrastructure:
With the rise of digital transformation, our robust cloud computing solutions have become an indispensable business asset. Our suite of cloud services, including managed cloud services, cloud hosting providers, and virtualized infrastructure, promises a smooth and efficient infrastructure suitable for businesses of every size. Through our specialized Cloud Linux Optimization and LiteSpeed Hosting Performance, we ensure superior speed and reliability that set your business apart in the global digital landscape.

E-Commerce & Online Shopping Solutions:
INFORMATICS SYSTEMS has a proven track record in building successful e-commerce platforms. We provide services like CS-Cart customization, secure e-commerce hosting, and more, creating an unparalleled online shopping experience. Engineered for convenience, security, and scalability, our e-commerce solutions are primed to take businesses to new heights in the Bangladesh market and beyond.

Reliable Hosting & Server Management:
As a premier provider of web hosting services, we offer a comprehensive range of offerings, including dedicated server hosting, managed hosting, WHM cPanel hosting, and Plesk VPS hosting. Our hosting solutions, backed by Imunify360 Security and Jetbackup Data Recovery, ensure that your digital footprint is secure, reliable, and always available, protecting your business from cyber threats.

ERP & Business Automation:
We offer dynamic ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software solutions and business process automation services to accelerate your business's growth. Our customized solutions promote efficiency and seamless integration across all business functions, helping you stay ahead of the competitive curve.

Billing & Security Solutions:
We provide an integrated WHMCS automation and billing solution, an all-in-one client management, billing & support system for online businesses. Combined with Imunify360 Server Protection, we ensure your business's critical data and processes are safe from any potential threats.

Partnering with INFORMATICS SYSTEMS means opting for a comprehensive suite of services, global reach, innovative and excellent solutions, trusted partnerships, and around-the-clock support. Our dedication to technological advancements and business transformation is steadfast. Let's shape the future together, propelling your business to greater heights in Bangladesh or worldwide. Connect with INFORMATICS SYSTEMS today, and let's build a successful future.

Choose INFORMATICS SYSTEMS, your trusted partner for technological excellence. Our team of experts is ready to help transform your business with cutting-edge solutions. Whether you're in Bangladesh or anywhere else in the world, we're here to serve you. Don't hesitate to contact us today, and let's shape the future together.