CloudLinux Pro

CloudLinux Pro is a revolutionary operating system that has been designed with the unique needs of web hosting environments in mind. It is built on the industry-standard Linux operating system and offers advanced features and tools for managing multiple websites on a single server

With CloudLinux Pro, web hosting providers can easily manage their entire infrastructure, from hosting accounts to websites, with ease. It offers a range of powerful features that enable hosts to customize their offerings, maximize server efficiency, and improve website performance

One key feature of CloudLinux Pro is its lightweight and efficient architecture. This means that it requires fewer system resources compared to other operating systems, making it ideal for high-density hosting environments. With this operating system, you can host more websites on a single server without compromising performance

Another standout feature is the CloudLinux Pro Kernel. This kernel provides advanced isolation technologies that enhance security and stability. It ensures that no single user can overload the server or cause issues for other users on the same server. This feature is particularly useful for shared hosting environments where multiple users access the same resources

CloudLinux Pro also comes with a range of powerful tools that make it easy to manage your hosting environment. The LVE Manager, for example, enables you to set resource limits for each website or user on the server. This ensures that no website or user can hog resources and slow down other sites on the same server

Finally, CloudLinux Pro offers extensive compatibility with popular web hosting control panels such as cPanel, Plesk, and DirectAdmin. This makes it easy to integrate into your existing infrastructure without any compatibility issues

In summary, CloudLinux Pro is a powerful, lightweight, and efficient operating system designed for modern web hosting environments. Its advanced features and tools make it easy to manage multiple websites on a single server while ensuring optimal performance and security.