Add-on - rePricer Pro - monitoring of competitors prices and dynamic pricing

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  • Ability to add competitors sites (stores) (with special schemas for parsing prices in the html code of product pages);
  • Support for several parsing rules for one competitor (cases when a competitor has several types of product pages layout);
  • Setting up product matches of your product with competitors products (the addresses of competitors product pages are associated with a product for which you need to parse prices and availability);
  • Parsing of competitors websites (with schedule support or manual launch);
  • Support for proxy servers for parsing;
  • Support of several types of prices, discounts, promotions activities and product availability from competitors;
  • Creating and managing pricing formulas (to calculate own prices from competitors prices)
  • Automatic or manual revaluation of goods based on formulas with logical and mathematical expressions and obtained data from competitors;
  • Reports on the current market situation (planned in the next versions);
  • Notifications to the administrator about price discrepancies (planned in the next versions);
  • Implementation of various pricing strategies (pricing presets) (planned for next versions);
  • Export/Import of product matches of your products and products of competitors (planned in the next versions);
  • Logging of competitors prices;
  • Logging of repricing;
  • Parsing errors logging.

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